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To perform horrible, unspeakable acts, such as massacring ten underperforming 'fighting dogs' by means of hanging and drowning and then think you can get away with it because of your super star status. After you have actually taken one minute to truly understand what hanging or drowning a defenseless dog with your bare hands would be like, you will proceed to make a profit from this horrendous act, whilst retaining your sports star status and then getting caught by the authorities.

From here you will admit to these allegations, plead guilty and spend a minimum amount of time prison. You will leave prison, and return to your sports star status without anyone questioning the nightmarish acts you have committed in the past. You will then proceed to play the best sports you have ever played for a reputable and credible team, and be praised for your skills even though you used those very same hands to drain the last strain of life out of a fighting for life puppy.

After you die, you will hopefully go to some form of torturous hell, which will have its own private area reserved for you, because not even Lucifer himself could show you mercy for the things you did to those dogs.
Fuckin' Michael Vick'd 'em
by Vengeful Puppy December 06, 2010
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