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Game variation on liar's dice (see liar's dice).
The variation is a 2,1 is an "instant drink" for the next player.
If the next player believes you, then they drink. If they do not and you are lying, then YOU drink twice. If you are telling the truth, then HE/SHE drinks twice as much.
The twenty one is bets told to the next player by humming a familiar Mexican tune like "La Cucaracha" or "Mexican Hat Dance".
Also can be played with a shot of booze as the penalty/reward for having Mexican.
Mexican Dice is played like this (read liar's dice first):
Player 1: (shake, sees a 4,5) Poorly singing "La cucaracha, la cucaracha..." "Mexican!"
Player 2: Says "OK" (drinks the shot of booze)
Player 2: Says "Bullshit" (lift the cup to see the 4,5). So, Player 1 drinks the shot of hard booze, or whatever.
by gavoni July 06, 2008
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