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Any item such as an old chair, table, desk ect from your basement that you dont want anymore and are too lazy to take to the salvation army so you place the item in broad daylight at the end of your driveway for some Mexican landscaper or salvager to take. In a few hours low and behold your shits gone because some mexican took it. this is a quick and easy way to get ride of shit that you don't want before garbage day.
Guy 1: "hey man you want this desk from my basement?"
Guy 2: "no thanks dude that thing looks ancient as fuck and has a huge hole on the side of it"
Guy 1: "fuck your right, ugh but trash night isnt until wednesday and its monday"
Guy 2: "i have an idea. Wait, See those mexican landscapers with their truck?, i bet if you leave it outside they might take it."
Guy 1: "alright lets try it."

30 min later

Guy 1: "haha it fucking worked, my old shit is fucking bait, ill call it Mexican Bait.
by foodchain June 08, 2011
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