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Established when a friend becomes poverty stricken and is in need of food. Grants the patron of poverty to have all Mexican food paid for by the granter. Being put on Mexican Food Rights (MFR) is, by all means, a punishment. It is fully intended to aggravate the user and push them to make more money. Generally, both parties involved, the MFR giver and the receiver, are very close friends or family; as who would pay for all of someones food if they barely knew them?
1. "Damn, john has to buy $400 of books, pay $600 for rent and he just lost his job. I think we should give him Mexican Food Rights."

2. "God Dammit! seriously? Taco Bell? Again? Today? what the hell?"
"hey man, it's the only mexican food for miles... it's not my fault you lost your scholarship and got put on Mexican Food Rights."
by kirk cameron May 22, 2008
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