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Metro POS

Metro POS, the POS standing for "piece of $hit" is basically a description of the outdated phones, service, and coverage areas that Metro PCS has to offer. A common nickname for the ghetto phone company in which you can have no credit, no job and no money to get crappy service with lots of dropped calls, double texts, and a very small service area for about $40 a month.

Often used by cheapskates, drug dealers, and those with bad credit who cannot attain a line with a reputable cell phone service provider.
Guy 1: "I called you like three times last night dude and your $hit went right to voicemail! $hit was CrAzY at the missed a good time!"

Guy 2: "Dammit! I was just at home sitting on the couch watching UFC, my phone didn't even ring!!! Damn Metro POS!"
by Sweet_Melissa February 28, 2011
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Colloquial term for the mobile-phone service provider metroPCS. The "POS" stands for "piece of shit", because of the notoriously poor service and support provided.
My cell phone company is metroPOS. So my calls are always getting dropped, I can't even use my phone outside a certain limited area, and I can't usually get connected to anyone at the so-called customer service line. If I have a real problem I have to go into the office in person. But it's relatively cheap, I don't have to sign any contract, and I get unlimited calling within the contiguous 48 states. Too bad my sister lives in Honolulu, so I have to text her and have her call me back when I want to talk to her.
by Leslie Doppler Hammond June 11, 2008
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