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A super-sweet, tart candy that comes in many colors. Shaped like miniature hockey pucks, and works like Meth-amphetamines to supercharge a small child's metabolic systems.

Sometimes there are necklaces made with the candy,
this is just a way to conceal the drug for conspicuous transport on the mean streets.

*Note* Will probably be a class 1 controlled substance (much like Extacy) in the near future.
Little Andy has been bouncing on his bed like a Jack Russell Terrier for two hours straight, the influence of Meth Tarts is most obvious at this juncture.

My five year old niece just took a bite of a dog that was trying to play nice, looks like her Daddy fed her Meth Tarts again!
by Stoogin-Poogins August 07, 2006
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