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When you've been slamming crystal meth and it feels like you put your testicals in a vice grip and wrenched it as tight as you can, (without bursting the sac) then getting a blow torch setting fire to the nearly bursted sac. Hit the sac with the blow torch till its glowing on fire then have your buddy take a baseball bat and swing as hard as he can until you nuts are a hot pile of mush. Once you accomplish this feat I recommend taking your buddy to a strip club and find the stripper with the boniest ass and buy a lap dance for him! Got to love Meth Balls
methmeth balls sac
by lostsoul5150 July 13, 2011
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When you prepare a syringe with heroin and meth mixed together and then proceed to inject it into yourself to get high
“I just did a methball last night and I made me so sick.”
by Kirrysloving February 01, 2019
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