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A vacation taken whilst one is already on vacation. Metavacations usually occur during long vacations such as summer break, often to 'get away' for a week, despite being currently 'away' from school for the entire summer.
Hipster 1: "Duuude! Got any plans for next week?"
Hipster 2: "Yeah dude, I'm going on vacation to Nevada"
Hipster 1: "...but, like, dude! We're already on summer vacation!"
Hipster 2: "I know man... But I'm a discontent little nignog who can't stay put, so I'm gonna spend all my money on a metavacation."
Hipster 1: "Radical dude! I think I'll go on a metavacation and waste my money too!"
by Grubz5 August 10, 2013
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