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An internet database of all things metal that makes teenagers run to the urban dictionary and post their angst induced feelings about the Metal Archives because their favorite ha4dc0re!@! but non-metal band was rejected.

Side Note: By doing this I have fallen in to the bullshit "my opinion matters" trap too.
Conversation at The Metal-Archives (Encyclopaedia Metallum)

Brv0tal Kid: Why is lunkin park rejected from da acrhivez, they are fucken metal!!

MA Mod: Uh.. no they are not, sorry.

Brv0tal Kid: Fuck youa are just a bunch of elitist pricksz, they are hardcore and fukn awesome. It doesn't matter if they are metal or not.

MA Mod: If it doesn't matter if they are metal or not, then why do you care so much about them being rejected.

MA Mod: and when submitting a band to the Archives, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the website if we accept any band. Otherwise we would call is the Music Archives and add any band to our database.
by AntiPoseur September 02, 2011
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