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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (or MPO for short), is part of the Metal Gear Solid storyline that follows Metal Gear Solid 3 exclusively for the Playstation Portable, coming out Winter 2006. The game follows Big Boss after he has been convicted of treason because his team, FOX, has betrayed the American Government. The player must recruit members for his army to destroy FOX and prove Big Boss's innocence, creating the team known as FOXHOUND. Recruitable characters will include famous characters such as Eva and Revolver Ocelot, as well as generic soldiers.

The gameplay will be different in that the player will not be alone, and will have command over troops. Hideo Kojima also says that this time, death will be a real issue: once a soldier dies, they stay dead (as opposed to continues). There is also a multi-player online mode, that is said to rival that of MGS3: Subsistence.
"Assume your new title, the leader of the new unit... It is your mission to hunt down FOX. Commence the inauguration of FOXHOUND!"
by Ramen May 28, 2006
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