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A small town filled with fake gangster wanna b kids. They try to act it by brining airsoft guns to the local bowling alley and shooting them at 7th and 8th grade teens. This person who i am expressing this portion of my definition of merrimack. well if ur from here u kno him. he made his own "gang" witch he is 17 now. and all of his friends are 8th graders. when they get to the high school they will get their a$$'s kicked so bad. everyone knows them there only "friends" are all the other "white gangster kids" because noone likes them. I suggest you never come to this town. Expeccialy if your a colored person you would only have one other colored person in the town. or 12 kids tryin to act it.
"im gonna kill you wit ma gun! IM FROM MERRIMACK NEW HAMPSHIRE!!"
"....a airsoft gun......?"
by matt groger June 10, 2008
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