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A town directly south of Gary, Indiana that was largely populated by white flight from Gary in the 1970s. In the 1990s the Black population became much larger and now in 2011, Blacks are now the majority in town. As Merrillville becomes more trashy like Gary, Whites and even some Blacks are moving to Crown Point, Indiana to start the process all over again. Merrillville High School is the high school there and while it looks really nice, the student body is anything but. It is a mix of Serbian wanna be gangsters and Black wanna be gangsters who fight to prove how tough they are. The mall in Merrillville--although some say it is in Hobart, Indiana--is becoming more ghetto by the day and will soon be more ghetto than River Oaks Mall in Cal City. This town is nothing but a "has been".
Merrillville, Indiana is becoming just a little too ghetto for us. Too many fights, too much vandalism, and too many thugs moving in from Gary. So we are moving south to Crown Point, Indiana where we won't have to deal with those problems for at least 10 more years until the trash invades Crown Point in larger numbers!
by MVILLENIKKA March 06, 2011
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