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The end result of not dealing with Tear Bombs fast enough or carefully.
Menstrual Meltdown is the verbal tirade mixed with tears of a PMS-ing woman.
Usually not too logical and mostly aimed at her man.

Menstrual Meltdown is not pretty.

"What, are you screwing your secretary now???"
"Is she better than me or just more convenient??????"
"My birthday's coming up and you'd better not f***ing forget, asshole."
"You hate me when I'm like this don't you......" "No wonder the secretary turns you on."

Once the switch is flipped, you've missed the chance at any kind of quick recovery, short of a new car or pricey ring.

It's considered better to cut your losses and head to the bar with a buddy for a few hours.

by Real World February 08, 2008
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