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One of the most dangerous housing developments in the U.S.

The Melpomene Project was constructed in 1964. The site was once made up of single and multi-family houses; by the late 1950s the city declared them slums which paved the way for the project. It is the youngest surviving housing project in New Orleans. In 2004-05, half of the development was demolished and renovated after failing to meet the Housing Authority of New Orleans' economic viability guidelines. Subsequently, the demolition of the other half has been put on hold. The complex is commonly referred to be the nickname "Melph".
Man 1 - Aye, did you hear about that shootout in that secondline Uptown?

Man 2 - Yep, it was right by the Melphomene Projects.
by Nola-Boy March 29, 2010
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