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Melbourne is a city that prides itself on its style, flair, and 'individuality'. In order to prove themselves to the world, the inhabitants of Melbourne must therefore attempt to dress and style themselves as individualistically as possible. The result of this is a mistaken notion among the populace that they are somehow more 'open-minded' and much much cooler than the rest of the world. The reality, of course, is that this frantic push for individuality just creates a vain, inward-looking society, replete with a whole lot of bad fashion, trendy mullets, exclusionist subcultures and a dearly-held notion that they ARE cool.. really, they are...
Person 1: "Excuse me, sir, which way to Flinders Street Station?"
Person 2: "Uh, like, what the fuck are you wearing?"
Person 1: "I bought these jeans at Myer."
Person 2: "You're a fucking sheep, you fascist."
Person 1: "Um, OK, I'll just go this way then."
Person 2: "You're OBVIOUSLY not from around here. Ever heard of Melbourne style?"
by Krudler October 17, 2006
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