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Meggan a very complex individual. She's very chaotic and wild. she has a smile that can attract people from the other side of the world. she is commonly compared to a shooting star due to her bright, nonsensical attitude to life. she is extremely beautiful. and some will hurt her,do to their jealousy. she doesn't trust easily and if you do her harm, do expect her forgiveness, right away. she has terrible self confidence, and is very sensitive. though she trys not to show it. Meggan will make you feel excepted, though don't feel hurt if she becomes distant, she tends to attract trouble. she will warm your heart, and hurt it. but she will always ease any damage done. remember to show your apprecitation towards her. she needs it. she has the biggest heart, and is extremely caring. If you have a meggan in your life. charish her.
Meggan (star) , is that girl you see at school,who turns out to beyour best friend
by november tears September 14, 2011
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