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Megan Joy from American Idol Season 8. Formerly known as Megan Corkrey but not anymore because she divorced her stupid husband. She has a son named Ryder. She came in ninth place on the show. She is also hot and she can sing. She has a good enough voice to make it big in the music industry. Its not the best voice, but its good enough. She has a very funny personality as well. She's a package artist! Who wouldn't love her? Just give her some good songs to sing and they could become hits. If people don't sign her to a recording contract, they're stupid. They can make lots of money off of her.

Singers she sounds like:
Charlotte Sometimes, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Nelly Furtado
Megan Joy Corkrey is a MILF
by homezfoo July 02, 2009
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