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(Online gaming) Term used in Call of Duty: World at War to define someone's class. The Mega Pwner class consists of an MP40 with an extended magazine, Juggernaut, and a perk such as Steady Aim or Martyrdom.

The Mega Pwner class is typically used by players that have little to no skill and must use known, in-game exploits in order to win games. These players are typically avoided by more skilled players as Mega Pwner users tend to boast about winning and make snide remarks to anyone that dares challenge them.
Jack: Oh no, John. I went negative that game. I think I'm on a losing streak.

John: I wouldn't worry about it too much, Jack. It's just a bunch of Mega Pwning pussies.

Jack: God, how I hate the Mega Pwner.
by Diesektd Frawg August 08, 2009
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