Dimitri Simms, otherwise known as "Meechy Darko" is a member of the rap group known as "Flatbush ZOMBiES." The group is based out of Flatbush, which is in Brooklyn, New York. The group consists of fellow rappers Zombie Juice and Erick The Architect.

Meechy, Meech, Fleezus Christ, Count Racula, Darko, The Dark One, I Am Not The Father, and The Baby of Rosemary's Baby are all nicknames that this artist goes by. Some people view his lyrics as satanic, but a true fan knows that his lyrics have a deeper meaning pertaining to the corruption of the world. He dislikes his gold teeth, but continues to wear them due to the great success they have brought him. His favorite cuss word is Fuck, and is a lover of the clothing brand "Supreme." Meechy loves drugs, specifically Codeine, Psychedelic Mushrooms, Marijuana, and LSD.
"That guy is a drug addict and also raps, he is practically Meechy Darko."
by Real_matture June 23, 2016
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