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One who suffers of the eponymous disease.

The subject is always seeking for sun everywhere, even in places that are not commonly affected by this kind of natural phenomena, like Norway, Germany, Canada or the North Pole.
The subject shows a particular hostile reaction to rain and snow, and immediately starts to write status on Facebook to share these strange feelings.
The subject is often born in a Mediterranean zone, but living and working in a foreign land, where the winters are cold or extremely cold.
Example 1)

Normal guy: "Oh yes, it's snowing... what a marvellous landscape!"

Mediterranean Meteoromaniac (MMM): "Oh shit, not again!"

Normal guy: "C'mon pal... we're living in Norway!!!"


Example 2)

MMM typical Facebook status when it's raining: "It's raining. Shit."

MMM tyipical Facebook status when it's snowing: "Shit. It's snowing."
by Ade1623 December 19, 2010
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