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Meatless Monday was revived in 2003 by former ad man turned health advocate Sid Lerner, who saw the prevalence of preventable illnesses associated with excessive meat consumption and decided to introduce Meatless Monday as a public health awareness campaign. The initiative was backed by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for a Livable Future and endorsed by 30 schools of public health.

Meatless Monday has since turned into a global movement with a wide network of participating hospitals, schools, worksites and restaurants around the globe. The simplicity of Meatless Monday’s message has allowed the campaign to once again become part of the American lexicon.

Monday is the call to action built in to every calendar each week. And if this Monday passes you by, next week is another chance to go meatless!
Woman: Let's do Meatless Monday.

Man: Nah I love meat too much
by azmrk1987 August 29, 2011
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The refusal to participate in any form of "meat-play", including, but not limited to, meat-jobs, meat-waxing, and meat-lathering. Coined by animal rights activists in an effort to protect the rare antelope breed known as the Dik-Dik. (look that up)
-wanna go lather some meat with me?
-I wish i could, but i am abstaining from any meat-play because it is meatless monday
by ibwild December 10, 2010
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