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Believed to have been created as early as 1967, a Meat Slurpee is a flavored cock treat, usually chilled and enjoyed by the female gender via the mouth, vagina, anus, or vaganus depending on the make and model of the female. Meat Slurpee's come in many different flavors, no pun intended, such as Banana Cream Pie, SnoBawls, Fanta Falice, Yello Fello, Dr Peeper, Pinga Colada, and Minute Maid Semenade. Said named drink was named after the sound females make while enjoying the age honored slush meat drink.

According to online encyclopedias of sorts, Meat Slurpee flavors are certified kosher "parve" as well as halal. The exception to this would be the Pinga Colada if it were to contain alcockholic contents.

The idea for Meat Slurpees came when a man was receiving oral from a Mexican girl who had spicy Jalepenos in her mouth, forcing him to put sodas from his freezer into her mouth in order to stay cool, which caused them to become slushy on his shaft. He told his hippy friends about it and many people loved them, which gave him the idea to make a machine to help make a "slushy". Early prototypes for the Meat Slurpee machine made use of an automobile air conditioning unit. This of course was bad for the environment so he went back to the basics; Shaved Ice, your favorite flavors, and a female with Chin Nuts.
Polo: Dam T-Lo, your wife says your sister makes the best Meat Slurpee's this side of the border!

T-Lo: YEEEAH! I love the Banana Cream Pie flavor?

Polo: ???? You're not supposed to be the one drinking the Meat Slurpee, thats a chick drink dawg!

T-Lo: YEEEAH! oh wait for real dawg?
by Rusty Loads Sr February 04, 2010
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