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The act of humiliating someone so hard that there is an illusion of a penis on the victim's upper lip. Then the assailant connects all of one's fingers to their thumb and shakes it in an italian mob style with both hands. In a quite fast gesture, the assailant forms the Italian mob style hands to their upper lip and parts the invisible "meat mustache." After the process is done, the assailant must yell, MEAT MUSTACHE.
Jimmie: How's your hotdog Dean?
Dean: Pretty good. Maybe the best I have ever had.
Jimmie: *Knocks the hotdog to the ground. Performs the act.* MEAT MUSTACHE!!!!!!!
Dean: *Cries softly*
by scotty_boy101 May 27, 2013
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meaty residue left on one's upper lip after the act of cunnilingus.
Hey, Sam, you really oughta shave that meat mustache.
by Tom Willis February 23, 2005
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