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Find a some bitch with two working (or non working) legs. PLEASE NO AMPUTI BITCHES. Go to your nearest cattle rendering plant, and ask the head butcher what for his biggest Meat Cleaver (you'll need this for the two legged bitch you've found). Take the meat cleaver and cut off one of the bitches legs (don't worry about her running to the police... usually this won't happen, because you'll be able to stop that hopping bitch right in her track). Then lay her down and insert your penis in her gaping wound. The penis does not need to be erect... the heat from her injured wound will active your cock. Stick your hard cock in her wound and out her pussy hole. This makes her horny... you will hear lots of moaning and screaming. Continue inserting your penis in and out of her until you are finished. When you are done... chances are she will be too. She will be very tired let her contine to sleep it off.
Come hear BITCH let me meat cleaver fuck you.
by Dr. Chris R. March 26, 2005
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