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Meanstreak a unique characteristic of a person infuriated by anger which is usually hidden until provoked.
A Meanstreak is usually hidden in a quiet persons persona.It will however appear in an unexpected form of a violent rage and bad tempered, if the person is provoked.
by Wastar April 04, 2009
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When someone has a personality , that can be mean sometimes out of the blue. It's usual random and they aren't always mean but when they are it's bad.
I need you like a heartbeat, but you know you've got a mean streak?
by Thehugaddict January 06, 2013
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The act of placing someone else’s towel between your legs; one end protruding from your ass-crack, the other out the front and from under your ball-sack/fly catcher. Then, vigorously wiping the towel back and forth to the point your taint begins to blister. Best practiced on a hot summer’s day, after football practice, or for revenge.
Gee mom, I’m sorry, It was just so darn hot yesterday I had to use the “Good Towels” to give myself a mean streak and dry off.

After football practice, Eugene the towel boy was dismayed when he relized the entire team left him a room full of mean streaks to take care of.

That bastard Leroy is such a fuckin’ ball hog. When he’s in the shower- I’m gonna hook ‘em up with a mean streak!

by Joe_Mamma May 11, 2006
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For Males only; A mean streak is executed when you perform a reverse wipe. This means you wipe your ass back to front which creates a brown "streak" all over your scrotum. When anyone touches the tainted scrotum, they will think that you are very mean, thus creating a "mean streak"
"Oh my God!, I saw Mark undressing and ran over for a quickie...I started grabbing for his balls and smelled a ripened stink...I looked down and saw human shit all over his balls...It got all over my hand! It was disgusting!!"

"For real???! Thats sick! He is one mean dude!"

"Yeah, he's been on a real MEAN STREAK lately"
by Where's my dad? May 20, 2009
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