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A school where 99% of the kids wear North Face jackets, Uggs, and polo's, drive their daddies BMW's, bitch about their iPhones, and glide through high school without any real form of education. Everyone is entitled including the teachers and drug/alcohol busts are a must at every school dance. Looking for a black person? Well fear not because you can find one, and only one, in each grade. The icing on the cake? That would be the $23,000 a year tuition to go to a school known for being a place where kids have some form of learning disability.
Non McLean Student: Hey, what school do you go to?
McLean Student: McLean School of Maryland
Non McLean Student: Like Virginia?
McLean Student: No, like the school in Potomac
Non McLean Student: Wait, isn't that school for retards?
McLean Student: Yeah, essentially
by Whaatevah! January 04, 2010
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