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Some truck company based out of Thunder Bay Ontario in Canuckstand.

They often drive comb over (cabover) trucks and old equipment, that's usually as old or way older than your mom. Also, they are castrated at only 55 miles per hour, making anyone driving an electric old fart scooter look like a Dale Earnhardt Jr on the streets. In addition, you see one of their vehicles dragging a rear door while evading Department of Transportation's PoPo's. Their rear door dragging policy is known by many as being a time saving move in order to make up for lost time.

Legend has that these trucks actually float on water and hence their color scheme of blue. The biggest reason for this potential of McKevitt's fleet is that they're governed at 56 miles per hour and the drivers are so damn underpaid that they have to go accross the Great Lakes to deliver their shit (on time).

Another legend has that their color blue matches the testicular masses of their male drivers that are sexually deprived because they are underpaid and underpowered. And in order to survive, they must forfeit their sexual activities on the road and at home.
Holy crap! That McKevitt Trucking vehicle is so slow! Just like Mikey's Mom!

Steve? Did you see that odd looking McKevitt Trucking driver? He's like... taking a jack-off break to take a load off his cargo.
by Damn Damn Danno September 29, 2005
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