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The McKenna Shuffle is a rare move but exhibits the epitome of shading and/or bitching out from a social drinking scene. In actuality, the McKenna Shuffle involves one "just not feeling it" anymore, either because he or she is a pussy and/or a member of the fake drinking club. In rare instances, there have been examples of one vomiting on their own shirt before performing the McKenna Shuffle. Similar to the stealthness involved in the puma crawl, the McKenna Shuffle involves one taking a quick look around the see if he or she is being noticed by anyone, which is usually unnecessary because the caliber of person performing the McKenna Shuffle would usually not have anyone noticing them anyway. After taking a quick glance, the shuffler proceeds to sneak out of the scene, without saying a word to anyone and hoping to go completely unnoticed. The act of the McKenna Shuffle is usually identified by his or her peers first thing in the morning. Although it's official name is the McKenna Shuffle, this unique move also can be known as the McKenna Mosey, the Chick Chase, the Derr Dip, or simply the Houdini.
Ex: 1

Noble: "Alright I'm heading back guys, see you later."

McKenna Shuffler: "....." (not saying anything while sneaking out behind Noble)

Ex. 2

Mike: "Has anyone seen McKenna?"

Everyone: Looks around, shrugs their shoulders, then figures he must have done the McKenna Shuffle and bounced without saying anything to anyone.
by blueballz06 September 02, 2008
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