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When it absolutely positively needs to be shotgunned, you call...the Mcgun's Rule, developed during the manhatten project, it was a direct answer from the germans counter to the shotgun, the blitzkreig. The Americans knowing that their only hope to win the spirits of America back, developed the ultimate "shotgun" which cannot be overturned. The Mcguns Rule is only to be used sparingly and for dire need circumstances, when you must have something. It is the older brother of the Atom Bomb, developed 1 month before it because America knew what it would take to win the war, and much like the Atom Bomb it destroys everything in it's path. To this day, many still consider it to be similar in power to Ryus Hyduken, Raidens spear, or the BFG 9000. Basically it fucks shit up in a way that the people of Hiroshima are thankful they ONLY got the bomb and not the rule that shits on their laughable sho gun rule.

After the geneva convention, many humanitariums stressed to have it revised and include banning the Mcguns Rule, Uncle Sam politely said Fuck You.

Order of Command
Dibs, Shot, Sho Gun, Shotgun, Shotty, Blitzkrieg, MCGUNS RULE
Dan: Fuck I just broke my Leg
Dante: Alright dan get in the truck
Steve:McGuns Rule!!!!!!!

Lanolin: I've been having bad luck with the lady's since that boric acid hit my face, hey theres a slut who will have sex with me as long as I put her down...MCGUNS RULE!!!
by Bukkake Buffet August 27, 2009
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