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1) A fan club for fat people who go to mcdonalds, have large saggy male breast, are greasy, are unfitt, cant climb more than one flight of stairs and overall are fat greasy people.

2) a joke invented by a high school student

3) a fan club for anyone who makes vommiting sound when working out on The Biggest Loser USA
1) obeseguy: "McDonalds fan club, hot damn sign me up".

2) kid1: hey this is gonna sound weird but just hear me out, ok?

kid2: ok, fire away

kid1: well imagine this mcdonalds commercial where a fat guy walks into mcdonalds and barges to the front of the que and shouts "GIVE ME A CHEESE BURGER", and then eats the acne ridden teenager working the cashregister. know, you should be on tv.
by The hidden N August 23, 2010
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