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The McAnalysis is the act of analyzing your order in the drive through at McDonald's to ensure your order is correct.

The McAnalysis is more common with large orders because of the higher risk of error, but may also be used on a small order.

The McAnalysis is usually performed somewhere besides the pick-up window, such as an open parking space or pulled forward in line to let the next car get their food; however, some perform the McAnalysis at the window they pick their food up from, this method is frowned upon because you are holding up the line when you could simply go somewhere else.

In some cases the McAnalysis can be performed in the restaurant, this method can be easier because there is more direct communication between you and the employee.
I had a large order for my family at McDonald's, so like any intelligent person would do, I performed the McAnalysis and discovered that I was missing 40 McNuggets, 5 cheeseburgers, and 7 orders of large fries.
by free wifi July 17, 2011
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