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A super cool and perhaps a bit crazy lady. Can often be found talking about her ass size, doing sun salutations, or napping in her dorm room. Born Terrass and raised in Shitimat she has adapted to the big city lifestyle and is successfully pursuing her career as a teacher at SFU Burnaby one of the province's largest educational institutions. It should also be noted that she sings a MEAN soulja boy tell em', Buy U A Drank, and can often her heard doing a wicked man impression (including grunting, low voice and body stance). Also, she may or may not know things depending on the situation. This young woman is an example of beauty, intelligence and humor. She has no relation to the toy company Mattel. She is often referred to as Maytelly, May May, or Sexy Bitch. She is brunette and curvaceous.
Ohh Haaiii Maytel, you Sexy Bitch, you should do your hillbilly man impression, its so hilar.
by supahcute February 04, 2010
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