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When one masterbates using mayonnaise as lubricant and ejaculates into the mayonnaise jar. Then later feeds their girlfriend(s), boyfriend(s), large party and/or group a mayonnaise sandwich with the same mayonnaise. Then materbates to the thought of feeding it to them later.
Jake ran out of lubricant but had mayonnaise in the refrigerator. He thought it would make a good substitute lubricant. Once he was ready to ejaculate he realized he had nothing to cum into, so he came in the the nearest thing which happened to be the mayonnaise jar. He then thought it would be sexy to feed his girlfriend a mayonnaise sandwich with the mayonnaise he ejaculated in. She ate the sandwich happily. He then materbated using mayonnaise later to the thought of feeding her the sandwich. Thus creating "Mayonnaise Mayhem"
by Shirtless Blue Man April 30, 2010
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