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The first recoil-rechambering machinegun, which saw use by the British in their bloody quest to exploit and control Africa in ye olden times. It was fed by a magazine on top (using gravity to load the next round in after each shot). Notorious for its barrel, which was enclosed in a large metal tube filled with water to keep it cool.

Rarely, but sometimes used as a instigation towards blacks, due to the devastation it caused against the native Africans in the English's Africa campaigns.

Just as pistols are sometimes nowadays refered to as 'Gats' (from the Gatling Gun - another classic machinegun), modern automatic weapons are are sometimes refered to as 'Maxims.' A Maxim cannot mean a pistol, shotgun etc., and is strictly used for machine guns.
"The damn Maxim Gun's jammed again!"
"Bullocks! Bloody things cna never get more than four rounds out before locking up!"

"Get the fuck away from me; I'm packin' a maxim." (Reffering to a submachinegun.)
by BiscuitBucket July 13, 2006
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