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A male that is very successful with women with any aprouch. No matter how good looking he is, he always gets his women single or attached. Also a male maybe called a master wheeler by his male friends in a sarcastic way if he constantly makes his friends look bad. He brings down the group of males desirability by acting stupied dressing funny and scaring away women. Also he is negative towards his friends that are trying to pick women up.
An example of a calling a male a master wheeler, in a sarcastic way is a male that is making stupid comments, bringing up past mishaps that make others look bad and ruin there chances of picking up women. An example of a master wheeler is a male that has no trouble picking up women,he is always confident with out a shadow of a doubt. He never puts his friends down and is also a fairly good wingman if u don't mess with his game.
by Co-op Student February 11, 2014
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