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When at an Asian Massage Parlor (AMP), hoping for a Happy Ending (ie: someone else will Master Bait you!) and they switch Masseusses on you. You start off with "Rub Mi Ping" the 23yr old Chinese gymnist, and once she sees you are "up" for it, sez she'll be right back. In comes Dragon Lady, 45+yrs old, to "upsell" you a Hand Job. Unless you want to walk out with a 2x4 in your pants and a set of Blue Balls glowing in the dark, you give in, soiling the sheets and your soul!
(at least for an hour, then you're horny again!!)
Guy1: That AMP has some fine lookin' Masseusses but they pull the Master Bait N' Switch on you!

Guy2: WTF? No way!!

Guy1: Yeah, a tight little Korean had my Timber all that, then they switched in Granny Oakley at the end to finish me off.

Guy2: STFU I'm gonna Blow my lunch!
by Touched Fondly February 02, 2007
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