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It is a stupid and pointless joke revolving around Future's new top-hit - "Mask Off". This challenge was popularized by two guys, in which one guy in the back sings an A-Capella version, or tries to imitate the rhythm of the song, while another person sings the hook of the song. This challenge can be done with multiple people.
Daquan: Aye, man! You heard of that "Mask Off Challenge"?
Jaequan- Hell yeah, nigga! We got turnt up last night during that frat house party. We all was singing "Percocets, Molly Percocets", while one nigga in the back was just humming the tune.
Daquan: Aye man, we all 'bout that shit now. God bless Future for making such a beautiful masterpiece
Jaequan: True dat!
by MrRenaissance May 27, 2017
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