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A dick so big and thick that it will cause your partners anus to flower (Prolapse) as soon as you pull out. Similar to the California Cherry Crusher. If not used wisely, it can cause serious consequences, including, prolapsed rectums, literally being split apart, and...prolapsed rectums (Is that all there is? Really, you couldn't think of anything better Jeffery. It's your fault, you know, that we don't sleep together anymore! *Starts to cry* I came out for you...)
Detective: Why does everyone make me take the sexual death cases...Okay, what's the cause of death?
Doc: It's seems a Maryland Anal Tugger was shoved up this poor man's anus sir.
Detective: Like the California Cherry Crusher?
Doc: Yes but, it only works on the anus, sir?
*The Detective's phone starts buzzing. He pulls his phone out to here crying.*
Detective: You and Jeffery had a fight...I'm on my way.
by IRHMP August 27, 2016
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