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Martin County is a small place with lots of rivers and bridges.
Theres nothing to do in Stuart or Palm Shitty. The only good thing in Jensen was the mall back when we were 12. Most people here think that Salerno is the ghetto..they have never seen a ghetto. The white people that grow up in Palm City are stuck up wannabe preps. They do cheerleading and lacrosse.
Hobe Sound is where the long hair denim skirt wearing conservative folk and a couple rednecks live.
People that grow up here stay here because they are small town Floridians that only see the world on reality tv and from cruise ships.Or they are rednecks that have no interest in leaving the county. I feel bad for their children.
There are a lot of snow birds. They drive slow and yell at kids in public places.

Martin County High School is home of the tigers. The administration is corrupt. Only a third of the teachers are cool. The school is the best in athletics. Jensen is the prep school. South Fork is the red neck and hispanic school.
Most teenagers in Martin County are so bored they become potheads. The few that dont work at a fast food restaurant or Publix.
Jack "Hey doe are you from the 772 ?"
Jill "Yeah it sucks get me out of here."

Bob "Do you go to JBHS or SFHS ?"
Taylor "Hell no I cheer for MCHS"

Martin County Florida is a joke
by anonymous44241231 February 17, 2013
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