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A girl that can't survive without holding mommy's hand and lives off the support checks she gets from her baby daddies...destined to bring multiple children into the world, by multiple dads with the help of mommy's manipulation to cause trouble for anyone that try to intervene. if it doesn't work through mom's doing she will turn to older brother's and sisters to aide in her lies in order to get her way..... includesmoving into the home of any man she dates (gets pregnant quickly) and waits for her chance to find a good time to make an excuse to dump him....staying with fake "i love you"s
Damn, that Martika (tika) can't get out from under her momma's she gotta get her other siblings involved to cover her ass when her man finds out about her lies...... how many support checks could one girl really need?
by free_at_last July 05, 2010
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