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Over obsessed drag queen, with flawless hair and an ass to die for. Yet her intelligence lacks, her up-beat personality kicks-ass. She has myriad friends... Only cause she makes a bomb-diggity apple pie. She often smells like a freshly squeezed can-a coca-cola. She is very tall, with long legs; Usually, her arms are at a bend, much like a T-rex... It's very attractive... When drunk. Deep down, everyone wants and loves her... Butt. Cowabunga!
dude 1: "Who's that chick with the nice BOOTY??"
guy 1: "Its the T-rex from the party!"
dude 1: "Oh! You mean Martart?!"
guy 2: "Daummmmmmmnnnnnn!"
by Frank mop May 11, 2011
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