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When you and your bird yeah are getting serious and she's all like "When we getting married brah" So your all like one sec sugar tits. (Pick up a rock from your garden, has to be a pretty one yeah) Give her the rock and say "Cant offord a shiny one to go on your greasy finger yet so have this one instead" Ladies man right there boys girls!
Civilian 1: You and Brian are getting pretty serious?
Civilian 2: Yeah we are, he proposed to me yesterday
Civlian 1: Oooooooooooo lets see the bling then bitch!
(Civlian 2 removes hand from pocket to reveal a large orange looking marriage rock)
Civlian 1: Why have you got a fucking brick strapped to your finger?
Civlian 2: I know right! He's the best!
by 501 Massive May 21, 2015
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