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Marlboro Lights belong to a family of cigarettes and are a sort middle ground between Marlboro Red and Marlboro Silk Cut. They come in attractive white and gold box with the name Marlboro on the front in a tall thin font.

Having smoked for a number of years, I started my days as a smoker on the darker side, smoking brands such as Lambert and Butler, and Richmond (Blergh!) It was my sister who always smoked Marlboro Lights and after borrowing one from her one day, I have smoked pretty much nothing else since. The taste is smooth, and one that
I just can't seem to find in any other cigarettes, Benson and Hedges silver is a close contender. I really enjoy the lightness of these cigarettes, they're not heavy on the throat, don't leave such a horrible aftertaste and I'm convinced they don't smell as much as regular cigarettes.
I know smoking is bad, but I would consider myself a light smoker, smoking 1 - 5 of these cigarettes everyday. Now that I've got used to these cigarettes, I wouldn't smoke anything else. If you already smoke regular cigarettes, it's likely you will think these are too light but if you persevere you will get used to them, and since they contain less tar and less nicotine, they could be a good cigarette to use for weening yourself of. If you don't already smoke, I certainly wouldn't advise you start.
They are sometimes a little pricier than some of the other brands, but you do get what you pay for.
Marlboro tobacco
by SelenaL June 25, 2010
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