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A Drama infested rathole town located in Monmouth county where 95% of the people and kids are 2 faced backstabbing snobs and enjoy starting drama. 75% of the population is jewish 15% are italian that think they are better than everyone, and the other 10% are misc. cultures. the town is seriously messed up with the crowd of kids that are present ranging from the random druggie and punk kid to the party all day no successful future "popular kid". The school system is absolutely ludicrous and is an absolute laughing stock for the amount of money spent in taxes in this scum ridden town. most of the people are down right jackasses who treat each other and act like a bunch of animals. rt. 79 seems to be the divider between high society and working/middle class (with the exception of the piss hole development across from the newer middle school which is also working/middle class) however most people have no class and are jerks regardless of the side of rt. 79 that they live on. as a kid in this town, if you want to be successful in life and take life, education and similar values seriously you are un popular and uncool. if you are a borderline alcoholic by the time you are in the 10th grade & smoke weed and chew tobacco well then congratulations, you are popular. In a nutshell this town is filled with two faced dirtbag people who have no regard for others. it is a disgrace between the amount of drugs that circulates between the town's kids and the amount of taxes that people pay.
John: Hey Bob how have you been
Bob: alright how about yourself?
John: i'm good. I haven't seen you in a while
Bob: well i moved to Marlboro, New jersey
John's thought: well that figures, he always was a 2 faced dirtbag. and come to think of it, so were his kids
by MarlboroSucks! January 19, 2012
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