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The poses one takes, in pictures or social media, when they are ready and available to attract mates in the wild. The pose is meant to make them appear socially or sexually available to those that are interested. Females typically pose showing some skin, showing underwear, wearing makeup, reddish lipstick, use photoshop, or a combination of all of that. Males don't have typical behavior that is readily analogous.
Guy: Dang, Jessica Alba is suddenly showing some skin in her pictures!

Girl: Yeah ...kinda slutty if you ask me.

Guy: ...I think I can see part of her bra strap!!!

Girl: That's just her hair...

Guy: Look at those big, red lips! OMG!

Girl: That's photoshopped! This is her market pose ...Are you listening?

Guy: Damn! I didn't know she was single, better hit that UP!
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