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A piano player and celebrity in the music scene of New Zealand through the bands "Secondi" and "Echolypse". Recently a youtube hit with his song "Miller Rose".

More commonly referred to by his followers as "Chirny", "Marky Mark", or "THE MAN".

Mark Chirnside sends his followers into an obedient trance using his power over coffee and pianos to induce their adoration. Using his knowledge of arpeggios, THE MAN will captivate even further and attempt to mate, his most frequent attempts appear to be directed towards men of the "Bosmanius Clan" who are his most devoted followers.
CHIRNY: "Thyne eyes looketh like arpeggios..."
FOLLOWER: "Oh Mark Chirnside, oh. oh Oh. OOH. HOOOO."

-extract from previous attempts to woo the bosmanius clan.
by bosmaniuslittleus June 12, 2011
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