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-See sodomy

(it pretty much feels the same weather you're attending class at this school or being anally violated)
Student: Dude my ass if bleeding bad

Friend: Did you take another roofie and go clubbing again?

Student: No I sat through an entire algebra class at marion franklin high school.....

Friend: shit man, you better get your self checked out, you can get AIDS that way
by Bananafist May 10, 2009
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a high school in columbus ohio.
go there for a day. you wont be back.

normal person: marion franklin sucks ass go suck a fuck

sasquatch: *cries*
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(Excuse my apathy when it comes to capitolization)

A school located on the South side of Columbus Ohio. Filled with niggers. yep NIGGERS. and no, niggers aren't just black. In my book, if you're ignorant and you aren't willing to learn, you're a nigger.

- If you go there, chances are you won't learn. Too many distractions. Arguements about who has more pairs of shoes and getting "riffed on" because of the fact that your detergent is cheap and fades clothes. Even if you manage to pay attention, the teacher will then lose concentration, yell at everyone, give up, and you'll be on your own. Sad really. *sigh*

- There are pretend gang wars between "crips" and "bloods" who haven't roamed the streets past 10pm, let alone gotten jumped or blessed into a real gang.

- Drug dealers think they'll be able to sell a 10 in the halls. (The kids who can MANAGE to come up with that much money are smart enough to keep it at home or don't smoke).

- Annoying skinny girls make friends with even more annoying fat girls and insist that they dress the same way, and from the looks of it, the same size. (Come on bitches, at size 16 misses, you won't be fitting a 3,5,7,9, or 11 jr. DEAL)

- You'll find many pseudo-intellectual "preps" for lack of a better word, preaching tollerance and non-judgemental views while insulting your beliefs, style, musical preference, and/or sexual identity/preference/orientation in the same breath. Common belief among them is that determination and will power intertwine with being a cunt and a MAJOR badass on myspace with an uncontrollable caps lock button and run-on sentences repeating the same 3 "insults" as well as the words "fuck","bitch" and "dumbass":

I'd say a good 97% of the school is full of people that you'd never want to interact with if you happen to be intelligent, literate, or tollerant.

In short, Marion Franklin sucks, is full of niggers (whether they play intellectual or not is up to them), and pretty much every decent human being is looking for a quick way out without having to abandon dreams of a college education.
Dumb bitch: Marion Franklin High School, Located On The Southside Of Columbus. A School With The Best School Spirit And Amazing Students. Although Marion Franklin Gets Bad Mouthed All The Time It Is Indeed A Very Good School. Its Like A Family There; Once You're A Red Devil You're Always A Red Devil.

Me: Yeah, a family! Hence the bashing, fights, bullying, and rating by popularity (i.e. who you fucked and if they're willing to admit it). Please. Take a few hours out of your day to consider suicide. And for the love of God, do not breed.
by miss_twiXXX May 11, 2009
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A school located in the lower bowels of hell otherwise known as the south side of columbus ohio. It is probably the biggest monkey house in ohio. Between the niggers and the idiots who take themselves to seriously it's hard to remember you're actually in a high school. If you know 4 girls that attend marion franklin chances are 5 of them will become pregnant before they are in eleventh grade, or if they are really lucky sometimes before they actually get into highschool.

Monkeys are not the only problem though as there are plenty of 300 pound female sasquatches who like to bitch about things that have nothing to do with anything. Please don't walk, run away from Marion franklin as fast as you can
I went to marion franklin high school, 3 years later BAM herpes.
by ZombieFish May 08, 2009
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A high school located on the south side of Columbus, Ohio. Largely populated with ignorant hillbillies, wanna-be gangsters, stupid nigger babies, pigsluts, and the dreaded "band people" (also known as carnies.) Only a small population of the school is actually normal high school students.
Days consist of going to classes that, generally, are too full and very loud due to the niggers. Commuting between classes is like navigating an obstacle course, full of black people running everywhere, retards bouncing off the walls, and ignorant administrators blocking your path.
Fights are normal, and expected between nigger babies and hillbillies. Usually, a couple level 3 lock downs occur each year.
Most of the teachers are fairly decent, with a few exceptions. Any teacher that actually is good at what they do will soon have their soul broken, however, because of the environment. Any teacher worth their credit closes themselves to teaching advanced/AP classes and higher level senior classes.
For all intents and purposes, this school is the 9th circle of hell to any normal person looking in from the outside.
I survived Marion Franklin High School, only by creating a mental barrier between me and the 99% of the student body. When I graduate I will leave and never come back :)
by antus002 April 26, 2009
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