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A mario and a Lauren are mentally and physically empowered in every sense. These two together are like the Big Bang to a stick of dinamite, there's no comparison. These two ooze excellence. When there's a task at hand at hand they never fail to conquer it. You can characterize these two as perfect . These two are some sexy beasts. When they walk in the room the whole crowd looks at them like whaaat!. Their sexual appetite for one another unmatched. They are like lions in mating season. "This shit is raw"! Above all else their love for one another is deep and pure, untainted. And they both know how to move their ass in a circle. People say that Shakira ain't got nothing on them. Bootylishes is an understatement. These two put the power into power couple.. yaass
A couple went skydiving and a the bottom they caught the handles to a zip line. Zip lined down Mount Everest did 20 front flips into a car and spiraticaly turned into a fire breathing dragon. Then flew the dragon to a tropical pineapple tree after getting the pineapples from the tree. After they flew the dragon to Dubai they drank thee best smoothie. These too were doing the Mario and Lauren.
by Phonesexxx January 11, 2017
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