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Hard-bitten, short-tempered, deep-voiced, screaming, seemingly-psychotic, unpatronizing, impatient, deeply-devoted and fully-dedicated Marine NCO who must work his magic on Momma's Boy --- who possesses eighteen years of cumulative selfishness and "Me-ism" --- in order to begin the makings of a disciplined Marine who will stand and fight when every inborn instinct tells him to run, and who, himself, will one day be a Drill Instructor to whom other youngsters "surrender body and spirit to harsh instructors and receive a soul."
The recruit went into the duty and stated, "This recruit was lied to by his recruiter, he was told he could go back home if he didn't like it here". The Marine Corps Drill Instructor replied "I don't give a fuck what your recruiter said, the only way your getting off my Depot is to walk across that parade deck on graduation day, or get dragged out of this bitch in a bodybag".
by Dirty Delta Kill Hat August 08, 2009
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