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A fucking badass. A member of operation Redwing in which 4 U.S. Navy SEALs were told to go fuck shit up and kill a guy codenamed "Ben Sharmak". After the initial plan failed and they were spotted by Afghan civilians, Marcus and his buddies (Matthew Axelson, Michael Murphy, and Danny Dietz) decided to set up a perimeter and these four men killed hundreds of Taliban fighters before Danny, Axe, and Murph perished like badasses. Marcus was blown off a cliff and crawled an unbelievable distance to safety, in which he was taken into hospitality by a small Afghan village for a week until U.S. Army Rangers could rescue him. 32 terrorists were killed in the ensuing bombing. Marcus Luttrell wrote a book called "Lone Survivor" and everyone should read it.
The Soldiers of Operation Redwing were true ass kicking American heroes.
Marcus Luttrell just might be more badass than Chuck Norris.
by Kelborn July 30, 2010
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